All real estate transactions involve elements of risk, the title insurance polices provide protection for these risks. In Mexico, Notary Public and the Public Registry System provide legal assurance to the real estate transactions; nevertheless, they do not provide economic assurance if something goes wrong. The system is not foolproof! Increasingly issues like title fraud, identity theft and errors in the public registry, are leaving owners and lenders exposed to potentially expensive and time consuming litigation or even worse, loss in part or whole of an interest in a property. The title policies provide the solution.


Underwriting a property’s title: Conducting a rigorous title investigation, we develop a robust summary of a property’s title, often dating to the title’s origin. Utilizing the detailed investigation, the title insurance underwriters asses the property’s title and then insure policy holders against potential losses resulting from matters affecting the title.*


*Types of matters covered: Invalid documents executed under expired/non-existent power, false assumption of identity concerning the legitimate property owner, liens and financial burdens charged to the previous property owner and non registered easements. The thorough nature of the title investigation along with the risk assumption by the title insurance company gives policy holders an unparalleled level of protection from loses associated with a property’s title.

The Escrow is a mercantile commission contract through which an agent takes the custody of the deposited funds of a third party towards the purchase of a real estate or commercial transaction. Our objective is that the contract recognizes a legal figure regulated by the Mexican laws. The acquisition of a property is an investment that demands a lot of caution, mainly when both parts do not know each other and undoubtedly several questions could arise. Here are a couple of questions that could derive in a transaction:
  • What will come first: the payment or the delivery of the asset, which causes both parties to refuse the signing until the other part can make use of the funds or the asset, as the case may be.
  • The seller is in effect the legitimate proprietor of the real estate property? The buyer will have the sufficient funds to pay for the real estate transaction at the time of the transmission of the property?
Our priority is to provide the support from the beginning of the purchase or sale of the property providing legal security in the process of the real estate transaction. It is important to have a revised promissory of purchase and sale contract, negotiated and signed in agreement by both parties, before making any deposit or advance payment.
Later a Lawyer will be in charge of carrying out all the procedures, obtaining all the documentation and preparing the deed that will be signed before a Notary Public, even if the client is not in Mexico, for more information please contact us.

We are bilingual

That is why our reports are elaborated in Spanish or English languages according to the necessities of the clients.